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STOP!  The Real, historical Person of Joshua (Jesus) of Nazareth wants you to know him and thus enter into Life and the chances are VERY HIGH that you don't know him!  Think you know him?  Take the Quiz!

There are the 'christs' and 'jesus' that the Christian's and their sects create in order to serve them. Then there is the real, historical Person of Joshua of Nazareth who wants to set you free so you can know what Life is really about!

So many turn to Christianity to understand God, but what if Christianity is wrong about the most important things!

The simple truth is that bible-anity and Christianity do not represent the One who came some 2,000 years ago and PROVED that what HE taught was from the Creator.  He proved this by his miracles, including defeating death...the only One in history to do so in a genuine, authentic way.

Christians have in general turned away from The Light of the world and have created a 'christ' and a 'jesus' to "bless" their love for this world. If you want the Life the real, historical Person offers us, we need to find the real, true Light and Life ...

The Problem

There are three basic aspects to human nature that blind us and bind us and prevent us from being what we were meant to be.

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The Solution

The solution comes in the form of Light, Understanding and Truth.

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The Substitute

Just like really good counterfeit money fools people and leaves them with something worthless, so does the substitute for Life.

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About Us

We are people who care about what is true and right, and the first thing that is right is to love or care for one another. We are people of faith, finding love, and discovering a new Life : ) We have but one Standard to understand our lives in this world, and it is not religion but rather the Person of Joshua (or Jesus) of Nazareth. We are not biblians or christians, rather, we are students of the Light...click here to learn more About Us...

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Why Joshua instead of Jesus?

Meet the Light of the world!

Truths to Reflect On

  • Getting past religion to the root solution is our passion.

    Religion is the things that people believe about God-stuff or afterlife - and the rituals they partake in in relation to those things - which God-stuff or afterlife stuff have no basis in the Light's teachings."

  • You are either part of the solution, or part of the problem.  If you don't know he solution, how can you bring the solution?  And if you can't bring the solution, then YOU ARE part of the problem.  What are YOU doing to solve the most important problems that the people around you struggle with?"

  • More and more people are killing themselves each year...more people are seeking to numb their soul-pain through drugs (especially legal, Dr. prescribed drugs) and alcohol, and religion grows ever more popular...perhaps because religion provides no real solution but rather gets in the way of the real solution?"

  • Often the most difficult things to achieve in life are the most valuable.

    If you, with brutal honesty, evaluate yourself and your life, you will stand at the threshold of life's most important Journey."

  • Mankind's religions specialize in things that don't matter, so they can avoid the things that do.

  • For this is how the people of the earth who ignore me will know that you are my followers, IF you actually care for one another each day."  The Light

  • It is really very simple...things which evidence design require a designer."

    Take a stand against the coldness of heart...don't be afraid to practice love!"


We are very willing to support you, but there is something YOU need to do first, and that is you must first be willing to allow reason and truth to guide you, no matter the cost to your pride or your life in this world.

Our role in support is to transfer your inner support needs to the One who can always be with you, and at the same time invite you to participate in the collective Life and care for each other and our outward support needs.



There is One Universal solution to both mankind's needs and your individual needs.

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Come, receive the solution yourself and then be part of the solution for mankind!  Come, join the Peaceful Revolution!