The U.S. Political System: Getting Worse by the Year

"Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit"

(Matt. 15:14)

First a little parable.  Once there were some people in a boat, and the boat was sinking.  So, they thought the solution was trying to plug the holes, and this is what they endeavored to do.  But there were so many holes and cracks in the boat, their efforts were not preventing the boat from sinking.  You see, they insisted on sailing the boat in rocky waters and a result caused many holes in the boat.  Eventually, the boat sank and they all drown because they could not swim.  However, if they just looked up, they would have seen land just a few hundred yards away!

The current state of American politics is a reflection of the people of the U.S., namely fear, confusion, anger, lost-ness.  Yes, the solution is to look up.  Sadly, there is not enough faith for even that.  And so it is with the people of the U.S., looking for solutions in all the wrong places.

Not only are people not looking up (to the Light of the world)…not only do people not know where to look for the solutions they need, but they select politicians to try and solve their problems who fall so far short.  They select people for their king who have so little self-control and so little regard for others that personal insults are the accepted norm.  Politicians who cannot articulate solutions well but just say, over and over again some version of, ‘just trust me, I will fix it’.

They select vulgar, crass, arrogant people who are being supported by tens of millions of people.  They select people who are clearly dishonest and who use ‘truth’ only when it will serve their personal ‘advancement’ or to hurt others – these are also being supported by tens of millions of people.  Others who can no longer reason well due to politically correct beliefs they hold which blind them to the plain reality around them like Islamic Jihad.

In general, this is the state of the people of the U.S. as reflected in the leaders they advance and support – so lost they cannot see how corrupt their “free democracy” is becoming.  A two party system that requires millions of dollars for an individual to run in one of those parties is not truly free.

It is tragic when one of the better systems of government to have existed on the earth falls to pieces right in front of people’s eyes and people have no clue how to fix it (please note, I did not say a ‘good’ system, but rather better than others).  What made the “system” better (because governmental systems are made up of people) was the quality of people and their beliefs.  The reason that people have no clue how to fix things is because, as I have said, they are lost, meaning they no longer have beliefs grounded in absolutes but rather have become relativists.  What does that mean?  It means they have thrown their moral compass away and are sailing by their emotional whims, which emotional whims are directed by a selfish nature run by fear and self-pride.  It means they have abandoned a moral or ethical framework which provides guidance to individuals.  It means that instead of being guided by principles that people agree are important, they are guided by merely their emotional feelings at any given moment, and how they can advance their own selfish agenda.  It means they are turning away from truth and reason and from trying to order their lives by good principles.

And no, there is no political solution for those core problems.

In short, since people have abandoned principles (some people call it the ‘rule of law’ but that is too narrow), they are going back to the default mode for human beings which is being governed by self-pride and fear and selfishness.  Thus, the U.S. is degrading into a nation like the other purely corrupt nations of the earth where the powerful and ‘strong’ (by force of threat or arms) will rule the people and take from the people and treat the people and use the people as unworthy servants.  Whose fault is this?  The fault falls squarely on all of the millions of individuals who make up the nation, who have turned away from even a rational moral ethic, or even a decent set of principles.

How often do you hear the saying, 'we must learn history in order to not repeat the same mistakes'.  A more hypocritical saying would be hard to find.  Please dear reader, spend a bit of time learning about the fall of the Roman empire.  If you study well, you will find that the Roman republic - one of the 'greatest' governments in history - failed not due to a poor political system, but rather from the people turning away from a reasonable moral standard.  Sound familiar?

What are the people of the U.S. throwing away due to their abandoning reason and decentness for selfish emotional whims? 

  • The people of the U.S. have had much more freedom than those in many nations;
  • The people of the U.S. have had much more material abundance for all than those in most any other nation;
  • The people in the U.S. have enjoyed the lack of internal, violent conflict for many years;
  • The people of the U.S. have enjoyed the privilege of freedom of speech and expression like no other nation.

And yet, all of that is being thrown away due to a turning away from basic truths about human existence and right and wrong.  Arrogant, principle-less, lost, selfish individuals will determine the condition of the government in the U.S. in the years to come, and the current presidential election is rife with the manifestations of that truth.

For example, Mr. Trump is a great example of a person with few personal convictions about anything in the realm of moral or ethical right or wrong.  Mr. Trump, like the vast majority of politicians, will ‘take a position’ merely to advance his own political ‘success’.  Almost all politicians in the U.S. – and probably in any ‘democracy’ - operate in the same mode…tell the people in front of you what you think they want to hear and you will gain power and money when they elect you as their leader.  Please don’t think my mentioning Mr. Trump means I am singling him out as the only one with serious problems.  Almost all have serious character flaws and almost all seem to have no conscience left, meaning they will say only what they believe will keep them popular with those who support them…they will do just about anything to gain the most powerful kingdom in this world.

Again, the politics of the people of the U.S. reflect the people.  In other words, the leaders that are proposed reflect the values of the people of the U.S.   And what are some of the core values of the people of the U.S.?

  • Lack of concern for what is true and right and instead primary concern of what is good for me, the individual.
  • The pursuit of money and material things as a primary purpose or pursuit in life.
  • A worshipping of entertainment and pleasing one's self as a primary purpose or pursuit in life.
  • A lack of appreciation for the good things had and instead an ungrateful spirit colored by greed and covetousness and discontent.

Perhaps what is most insane is that people believe that politics or government is going to solve those problems!  But, it is only insane when you have a good and proper frame of reference to view the situation.  That is what it is to be “lost”.  It means you are in the forest and have no clue how to get out. cannot see the forest through the trees. We who have a superior frame of reference can rise above the forest to see the way out and we take it!  Why do we have a superior frame of reference?  Because we have looked up, and allowed the Leader to lift us up above the chaos and degradation.

Much more could be said chronicling the problems and decline of the U.S. democracy, but if you can’t see what was already mentioned, then more words will not likely sway you.  The people are like frogs put in a pot of room temperature water … when the heat of the burner raises the temperature of the water to lethal levels, they don’t even know what is happening and simply die.  Any group of people or ‘politic’ – if they abandon or don’t have a really good set of principles to order their individual lives by – will fail due to the native corruption of human nature of self-pride and fear and selfishness.  This is what is happening in the U.S.

So, you who live in the U.S. have an important choice in front of you. 

Choice One - you can ignore the truths in this article, completely ignore the politicians and no longer participate in the democracy which is the U.S., and continue living a selfish life not caring about anyone except yourself and those around you that you get something from.  If you claim to believe God exists, you can remain in your dead religious organizations getting false comfort from them.  If you choose that option, you should expect things to get worse, much worse.  And don't deceive yourself, if you don't CHANGE and start working for the right Leader, then you are choosing that option.

Choice Two - you can look to the U.S. political system and its representatives and try to fix things, but as I have described in this article, those people are losing the capability to judge right from wrong and thus they no longer possess the ability to govern people well.  Therefore, if you think you can change the system, you are wrong as the system is made up of people who have lost or are losing even a consistent moral or ethical framework to operate by.  A political ideology or policy that is unpopular with some group of people cannot be implemented by people whose primary concern is their own power and welfare. Why?  Since they have a poor character - meaning they don't operate by principles but rather by self-concern - they cannot go against being popular with as many people as possible, so COMPROMISE is their only route...and a policy that is, for example, 70% good and 30% bad will NEVER significantly impact that which it is seeking to change.  If you claim to believe God exists, you can remain in your dead religious organizations getting false comfort from them.  So, if you choose option two, you should expect things to get worse, much worse. And don't deceive yourself, if you don't CHANGE and start working for the right Leader, then you are choosing that option.

Choice Three - the third option is to stop looking to others to solve important problems, and instead start solving them yourself and with others who choose the same superior Leader.  To do this, you must first stop trusting in whatever you are trusting in and instead trust in the One who defeated death, and make him your new Leader.  If you do that, he will guide you into the best Life possible and you will be helping others in the most significant way that exists.  If you choose this option, you should expect things to get MUCH better internally, as well as for others who choose the Light instead of the darkness!

Please, enter into his Life and come, join the Peaceful Revolution!

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