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The Truth about the Israel and Palestine Situation

Posted by Tim Spiess on 11/22/2015

What is happening between the people and nation of Israel and the people of the area called Palestine, is a perfect example of how utterly corrupt the people of the earth are….a perfect example of this truth…

“And this is the condemnation, that the people of the earth love the darkness rather than the light because their deeds are evil.”

Let’s start our observations with Israel.  The people who claim to be the descendants of Jacob or Israel, and who identify with that blood line and who live in the nation called “Israel” are not a perfect people.  They are not “God’s chosen people” from my perspective as a follower of Jesus of Nazareth…rather, all who place their faith in the Light are chosen!  The Jewish have their flaws, weaknesses, faults and imperfections like all other people of the earth.  Their leaders do not make perfect decisions all the time.  There are those individuals who identify as Jews, and who live in the nation of Israel, who are filled with hatred for other people and would like to harm or destroy those they consider their enemies or see them harmed or destroyed.  However, it must be noted that these individuals – Jews who hate other people – are a vast minority in Israel.  The ‘Jews-who-hate’ do not characterize nor set the moral tone of the larger people group of the people of Israel.  In fact, it could be argued that for democratic nations – that is those nations which allow all the people the opportunity to choose their leaders – Israel has fewer hate-filled people as a percentage of their populace than many other democratic nations including the U.S.

The people of Israel have a consistent moral standard which they individually try to observe.  Their moral standard as generally practiced, would include these principles:

In this author’s opinion, this is a fair characterization of the GENERAL moral standard that the MAJORITY of people who identify as Jews, have held since at least the formation 70 years or so ago of the geo-religio-political entity that is Israel.

Examples for the proof that the people of Israel hold to, and practice these moral principles, would be the following:

If one reviews the educational system of Israel, one will not find content that advocates or promotes violence towards other people groups.  If one visits Israel, one will not find groups of people publically celebrating violence or encouraging hatred towards other people.  That is to say that there is NO COLLECTIVE initiating aggression in Israeli society towards other people groups, and if there is any, it is directed at those people groups who are openly calling for - and acting upon - the destruction of the Jewish nation and people.

All readers should validate the points above to see if they are true.  Of course, one should select relatively objective sources to evaluate the things that I am saying in this article.  Unfortunately, as we shall see, it is difficult to find objective sources when it comes to the Jewish people.

What about the people who occupy the land surrounding the nation of Israel, the people that are currently called the Palestinians?  What is the moral standard of that people?  If one had to summarize their moral standards, what would they be?  Any OBJECTIVE observer, who has a conscience and the ability to judge human morality, would reach the following conclusions regarding the GENERAL moral ‘standards’ of the Palestinian people:

Examples for the proof that the people of Palestine IN GENERAL hold to, and practice these immoral principles, would be the following:

The fundamental falsehood that is used as the justification for the constant animosity and aggression towards Jews in Israel from surrounding Arab people is the Arab’s belief that the Jews occupying the land of Israel, have no “right” to that land…that the land belongs to the Arabs, also labeled ‘Palestinians’.  Instead of writing another book showing the claim is not grounded in history, let us ask two important questions:

So, to paint a clear picture, the Palestinians are surrounded by nations that claim to be their Arab ‘brethren’…surrounded by nations that have more decent land and oil money than they know what to do with…and yet all the surrounding Arab nations will not provide a place for their ‘brethren’.  Instead, those Arab people – most of which have Islam as their religion – want their brethren, the Palestinians, to fight the Jews for those few acres of land!  If you can’t smell something fishy, then you don’t possess a sense of smell.

And here is where the true darkness of the people of the earth is evident.  If a person can look at videos of young children being taught to kill other human beings; AND that young child is in a public parade type setting being supported and encouraged by thousands of adults; AND the person watching that video cannot make a simple moral judgment – that that people group is grossly immoral, barbaric and inferior to another people group who does not do that – then truly that person is in the deepest moral darkness that exists.

Any people who celebrate the unjustified killing of other people…who indoctrinate their children with murderous hatred of other people…are no better than the worst kind of cold-blooded murderer.  And any person who is aware of people who do that and don’t speak against it, is a cold-hearted and blind fool.

The few facts in this brief article are undeniable for anyone who wants to objectively verify them.  And yet, the “United Nations” which represents the people of the earth - or at least their elected or sent representatives – roundly condemns Israel by a significant majority when votes come up concerning Israel.

The simple morals truths are right in front of your face.  You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution.  You don’t have to believe in the Jew’s God in order to make a proper moral judgment of those two people groups.  All you have to be is a human with a working conscience and the ability to reason.

When the above situation exists – where one people group is morally superior to another people group – and the majority of the people of the earth side with the immoral people group, then does that not validate the words of the Light of the world?

And this is the condemnation, that the people of the earth love the darkness rather than the light because their deeds are evil.”

Are you one of the dead souls who only cares about your own material well being?  Is all that matters to you summed up in, 'if I am comfortable, entertained and have the material things I want, then life is good'?  Are you one of the many who are trapped in a cage of selfishness, and thus think or say things like, "oh, well, I can't do anything about that?  I just need to take care of myself and those I get something from."?

If you can see yourself for what you are, then why not come out of being of the darkness?  Why not remove yourself from self-condemnation and enter into Life?  Why not become a good and decent human being and care about what is true and right and help others do the same?  Why not come and follow the Light?  Why not join the peaceful revolution!