Press Release

Fox News' Free Speech Hypocrisy

By Tim Spiess

August 17th, 2020

Fox News is considered by many as a soundly conservative news service and thus it is assumed that its policies and practice mirror good conservative concepts and practices. It often promotes the important concept of free speech against what they label as the "radical left socialists" whom they portray as "against the important Constitutional right of free speech". I would tend to agree. One of the good things Fox news does is to allow regular people like myself to comment on articles. I often do so and have not typically had problems doing so, until today. I tried to post the comment below (and several just like it) to Mr. Cal Thomas' article entitled, "Cal Thomas: Law(lessness) and (dis)order runs rampant in Seattle, Chicago because our country is missing this"

Here is my comment, "Mr. Thomas hits the bull's-eye. No laws can enable an immoral people to be unified or rational. I provide a compelling case for the failure of Christianity in my new book, "Christianity: A Successful Failure". You can get my book at our web site for free or from amazon."

I tried to post this comment - or ones just like it - four times and Fox News moderators deleted it four times. I reviewed their comments policy and it says this, " and do use moderation in an effort to maintain a safe and respectful environment in our online community. If your comment or username includes vulgar, racist, threatening, or otherwise offensive language, it will be removed."

Do you believe, dear reader, that my comment breaks that policy?

Don't believe me that Fox News is practicing the very things they regularly castigate liberals for? Here is the link to the video documenting the Fox News moderator deleting my comment.  In the video, you can see the typical Fox News comments page.  I paste my comment into the comment field at about 9 seconds into the video and shortly thereafter I post it.  I move the page view up a bit.  My comment tag on Fox News is WorkingForTheLight.  The comment is posted successfully until the 51 second mark, where the Fox News moderator deletes it for the forth time so they can't claim it was some mistake.

Clearly, Fox News is nullifying my free speech rights by providing a forum for people to post their views but singling my comment out for removal, which comment does not break any of their stated policies.

Why would they do that?  I have pointed people to resources (article links, etc.) addressing and elaborating on the point I am making many times in the past on Fox News.  And even if they consider that link somehow "advertising", I see other commenter's post similar such things AND what I do in that post is not prohibited in their policy.

Why would Fox News restrict my promoting my book, which book turns people to the real, historical Jesus of Nazareth and which book I offer for free?

"All who are of the truth listen to my voice." says the real, historical Jesus of Nazareth.

Please, be part of the solution instead of part of the problem...join the peaceful revolution!

Book available on Amazon - Christianity: A Successful Failure, Finding Faith in an Age of Fear and Falsehood 

Or free on this website in PDF here