Press Release

Islam and America: What is the Safe Path Forward?

By Tim Spiess

September 8th, 2016

One fact about Islam and Muslims that cannot be reasonably denied is that there are hundreds of thousands, and most likely millions of Muslims who either perpetrate violence in Allah’s name; would like to perpetrate violence in Allah’s name; assist others who perpetrate violence in Allah’s name; or sympathize with ‘brethren’ who perpetrate violence in Allah’s name.  Islam’s prophet Muhammad provides many teachings that these folks look to in order to justify their violence against others.

Another fact that cannot be reasonably denied is that there is no one on the earth perpetrating acts of violence based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  Yes, there are many hostile Christians and biblians who hate other people and who either have or will perpetrate acts of violence in their religion’s name, but they will not be quoting Jesus of Nazareth to do so!

Islamophobia is a new buzz term that some Muslims like to use in order to label what they see as irrational fear against “Islam” and by extension, Muslims.  Obviously the term ‘Islamophobia’ means to be fearful of Islam and by extension Muslims.  There are many Muslims who are decent, non-violent people, who are not significantly different than their Christian or Jewish or other religion counterparts other than God beliefs which don’t significantly affect their daily behavior.

However, some Muslims who make a point to speak publicly about “Islamophobia” and how wrong it is for people to be afraid of Islam and Muslims are very disconnected from reality given the behavior of those who make up the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS.  Why are they very disconnected from reality?  Well, the global videos of “Islamic State” members murdering people in cold blood should cause fear in people.  A video was just put out on the www which showed ISIS BOYS murdering bound, kneeling men by shooting them in the back of the heads.  Is it not reasonable for people to be afraid of people who call themselves some flavor of ‘Muslim’ and who murder those who are different from them and train young adults to do the same?  Even if you, as a Muslim, vehemently disagree with these people taking the Muslim label, can you not understand why the average non-religious person has fear of some Muslims?

Religion has always caused a great deal of conflict among people of the earth.  Why?  Because people at some level believe that what they believe about God might well affect their existence in this life or a life to come.  And when a group of people agree on a set of beliefs about God, their fear and self-pride then demands that they defend those beliefs ‘at any cost’…thus religious groups and their thousands of divisions, battles and wars.  So, the most important question that must be asked is, ‘who is right’?  Can there be a true, correct, non-erroneous view of God?  Is there a proper view of God that will end the conflict that religion foments?  The answer is yes, there is a proper view of God, but whether it will end the conflict over “God-stuff” all depends upon people’s willingness to adopt it.

Perhaps a really good place to start investigating the solution to religious conflict is to listen to the One who defines, teaches and promotes perhaps the most important concept human’s will ever know – “love”?  Perhaps the response to the ‘Islam problem’ is one of both truth and compassion…one of both not erroneously generalizing while that the same time not denying obvious facts.  Do you want clarity into why religion causes conflict, and why, more specifically, many people taking the label “Muslim” or identifying with “Islam” are violent?  Then go to the ultimate expert on human nature and ALL religions!   And there is no better source to do that than the new book, “The Light of the World: The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth”.

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