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Are Religion and the Political Troubles of the U.S. Related?

By Tim Spiess

September 6th, 2016

Donald Trump’s message of “Make America Great Again” seems destined to failure since it would take a person of exceptional character to be the great leader who could improve America and its over 300 million citizens.  Unfortunately, Mr. Trump has demonstrated his character is lacking – calling people names; making ‘fun’ of people’s weaknesses, faults or problems; and denigrating people you disagree with certainly demonstrates poor character.  If you want a great contrast of character, compare for example, Mr. Trump to India’s now deceased Mohandas Gandhi.

In like manner, those who are ‘very good’ at distorting facts, excel in subtle deceit and obfuscation for personal gain, and who cannot rise above personal attacks seem likewise doomed to lead America into some form of betterment.  When there is so much smoke that one is choking to death, then certainly there is some fire at the source.  I would suggest the same comparison between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Gandhi for insight into good versus bad character.

Whatever your view on the candidates, you should be able to see that the people of the U.S. are very divided regarding both their politics and religion.  You should also be able to see that division will not lead to strength or success, but only to weakness, mediocrity and failure.

Both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton claim to be ‘Christians’.  Since both are Americans who are considered leaders in the political arena and both are Christians, could we then not deduce that “American Christians” are seriously lacking something?  If Christians like Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton have character problems – demonstrated, for example, by attacking each other personally, something that the “Jesus Christ” of their religion would ostensibly not approve of – then perhaps something is fundamentally wrong with American Christianity?  Is it Mr. Trumps and Mrs. Clinton’s ‘jesus christ’ who is lacking?  Are Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton representative of many American Christians or are they just the exception? 

What exactly is the relationship between a person’s character, their religious claims or labels and their politics?

There is a new book – “The Light of the World: The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth” - that cuts through the bible religion of the past few hundred years to clear the dirt off of the so-called ‘founder of Christianity’, Jesus of Nazareth.  Just like comparing Mr. Gandhi to Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton will clarify quality of character, so looking at Jesus of Nazareth by his own words compared with American Christians, will clarify the ‘character’ so-to-speak - the genuine-ness, truth and rightness - of American Christianity.

People don’t like to talk about politics and religion because they are afraid to reveal what they think about important matters and thus expose themselves and their views to critical evaluation.  People who have a lot of self-pride do not like being shown they are wrong.  With the United States clearly having some serious problems regarding unity, perhaps it is time to find the courage to talk about religion, and perhaps the best place to start is to have our facts straight about the person who supposedly ‘created Christianity’?  Perhaps the answers are found at the source?  And there is no better way to ‘go to the source’ than the new book, “The Light of the World: The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth”.

Book available on Amazon - The Light of the World: The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth 

Or free on this website in PDF here