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Do you want to hear the real, historical Jesus of Nazareth's actual Message to Humanity?  Christian leaders preach what they call 'the gospel', but if you want to actually hear the good news of the Son of Man, then you will need to listen to HIM!
Jesus' Gospel, Not Christianity's
The "The World's Darkest Book" three part video series deals head on with one of the most popular religious beliefs in Western culture - that the bible is the word of God to mankind.  This video clearly reveals the truth that the real, historical Joshua of Nazareth is the Word of God to humankind, NOT the bible.
The "Does God Exist?" three part video series makes a clear and compelling argument that the existence of a Creator is the most reasonable view a human being should hold.  The complexity of our bodies; the fact that we have a metaphysical component traditionally called a soul; and the false beliefs of Christians regarding God; all combine to make the case for the obvious truth that the human race has a Creator.
The Introduction Video for those wanting to know what the Peaceful Revolution is all about. This video explains the difference between being a Christian and actually following Joshua of Nazareth. Many well intentioned people will try and prevent people from following Joshua of Nazareth. See how.
TPRIntro TTFJ Traps and Obstacles
This video explains how the followers of Joshua ought to be living our lives in this world.    
The following videos are short 'pointer videos', pointing you to small bits of truth which will hopefully cause you to ask, seek and knock like The Light of the world asks, in order to find the answers to life's most important questions.
Christianity: A Successful Failure The Simple Message Politics is NOT the Answer
Religion is NOT the Answer Which Jesus? What Do You Believe In?
What is True Love? Religion's Wrongness You Cannot Serve God and Money
WIRL Religion's Wrongness Don't Serve Money
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