The Light of the World: The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

The best book about Jesus since it contains primarily HIS WORDs in the four gospel books!


Winner of the eLit Silver Award 2015! (See eLit reviewer notes below *)

A unique and fresh work that seeks to present Jesus of Nazareth by his own words as HE intended people to view him and hear him. There are many people who know some facts about "Jesus Christ", but there are very few people who have a good and solid understanding of his person and teachings. For example, did you know that Jesus did not teach that he was a sacrifice for people's sins?

As bible religion spreads across the earth like a cancer, fewer and fewer people understand the one who calls himself the Light of the world and the Son of Man. 

What is Jesus' core message? 

What claims does he make about himself, and can those claims be trusted? 

Does Jesus give humanity answers to its problems?

You will never be able to know the answer to that question unless you read his words yourself.

This work contains his words in the four gospels alone with helpful notes to counter the many contemporary religious beliefs which seek to nullify his simple teachings.

If you are a skeptic, be a good skeptic and read his words to make a good judgment - don't rely on others. If it is possible his words and story could have been recorded accurately and preserved - and it is possible - what have you got to lose by listening to him?

If you are a physicalist - one who believes the human experience can be satisfactorily explained by atoms, molecules and proteins - are you 100% certain that belief best explains your personal human experience? To use a computer as an analogy, the hardware cannot account for, nor did it create, the software. In the same manner, the physical human body cannot account for our sentience, abstract reasoning, nor the moral compass that we posses.

If call yourself a christian or believe you are somehow "his", this book might provide some critical information that will significantly change your perspective on his person and teachings.

As the 'church' experience get's more and more like regular western entertainment, perhaps you can see the negative trend there and search for answers as to how to escape. Tired of the fast food culture of the western world? Can you see the shallowness and emptiness of the 'please myself as my top principle of life' philosophy? Tired of the un-reasoning culture of much of the eastern world? Hopefully, perhaps even tired of the world?

Out of all the 'great works of literature', are not the words, teachings and story of the person who is arguably one of the most influential and controversial figures in history, worth reading and considering? There is a single great adventure that waits for those with eyes to see. Just know, it is not an easy adventure, but rather a very difficult one, but the journey and results are more meaningful and satisfying than the greatest adventures the earth can provide. It all starts with giving Jesus of Nazareth your sincere and undivided attention. May this work - which contains his words, story and teachings - be the beginning of that journey!

* eLit Reviewer Comments:

"A deep, well executed and thought out approach on the diversion of belief - mainstream Christian biblical sacred teachings versus the actions and words/teachings of the first hand Jesus of Nazareth. Mind bending insight that creates many questions (more than answers).

"By highlighting scriptures from the NASB, Spiess eats away through fads to get to facts to better understand true interpretation first hand.

Interesting points
Unique approach
Well written and good examples
Very in depth writing"


Target Audience:

Target readership would include those who actually want to read Jesus' words for themselves instead of listening to other people tell them about Jesus.  Other who would be interested would include those disenfranchised with mainstream or orthodox religious institutions; those who are not dogmatic non-theists or agnostics; those who are searching for a purpose in their life greater than living for money or material security or pleasing one's self with entertainment, etc.; those who sense the wrongs of Christianity or their church experience, but don’t have clarity on what they are or why; those who are confused or afraid of the changing moral landscape of the western nations, particularly U.S. citizens; people who want to know God.

Author Info:

Tim Spiess has been writing on spiritual, ‘religious’ and existential matters for about thirty years.  He published the book - The Light of the World: The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth  - in 2015 that won the Silver Award from the national eLit Book Awards organization (see )

Mr. Spiess has engaged in paid work at various things over the years.  Most of that work was in the Information Technology domain either performing project management or analyst work.

Mr. Spiess currently spends his time trying to help people to listen to Jesus of Nazareth, and thus to start living according to his teachings.  He does this through his writings both in print, like the book, as well as articles and his primary web sites – as well as talking to people and public or street preaching.  He encourages people to come, join the peaceful revolution!

Earlier in his life Mr. Spiess earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont as well as a Master’s Degree in Business from PACE University in New York.  He designed and built a 2,400 sq.ft. house; has developed software and created web sites; has traveled extensively around North America; has traveled to Africa and supported a non-profit fishing business in Lake Victoria, Uganda; and communicates regularly with people all around the world.

Mr. Spiess is an expert on Jesus of Nazareth, religion, ethics, existential beliefs and clear thinking.  He is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can provide solutions to the most vexing human problems.

He has a lovely wife he calls his “life companion” and four children.   In his spare time he bicycles, skis, exercises and would like to wind surf if he didn’t live in MO! He lives in the country in Southwest Missouri and enjoys the simple life it presents even while his vision and work is very much global in scope.


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Please consider paying at least $10 for this book to help me in what I am trying to accomplish.  I have been working for many years without being paid wages for this greater work.  What sets me apart from others you might consider supporting is the following:

1.  Joshua of Nazareth says, "The workers are worthy of wages" and "I am the way, the truth and the life, and nobody comes to the Father except through me"; and "Many will come in my name and deceive many".  He is referring to people doing HIS work in the first saying, NOT religious work (preaching one's or others religious philosophies and beliefs, other than teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as found in the four books of Johh, Luke, Mark and Matthew).  Furthermore, he is saying in the latter sayings that we should listen to no one else except himself regarding God things, spiritual things and human ethics.  I repeat and proclaim ONLY the real, historical Joshua of Nazareth, his teachings, and beliefs that follow from HIS teachings.  Those who proclaim teachings other than Joshua of Nazareth's teachings are NOT worthy of the wages he speaks of;

2.  My work is seeking to bring about fundamental change in how people view life and how we live our lives.  I am not suggesting band aids or some new way of doing things that are fundamentally wrong.  I am not trying to start a new Christian sect, nor am I pushing some new version of church-ianity.  I am proclaiming The Light of the world and HIS message and teachings only;

3.  I have been subject to significant persecution, just like Joshua said his followers would be.  I have had children I love taken from me; had my natural and legal family members reject and persecute me; lost jobs and work, etc.;

4.  I am willing to talk with anyone - including you - and in a civil, hopefully well reasoned way, defend what I believe and what I am doing and describe how I am living my life.  Please note I said "talk", not email or chat, but talk on the phone. You are also welcomed to come and visit to talk face to face to verify my claims.

Please note, you can still download the book below without paying anything.

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Audio Version:

Introduction to the four gospel books

The Gospel of John

Introduction to the Gospel of John

The Gospel of John, Chapters 1-2

The Gospel of John, Chapters 3-4

The Gospel of John, Chapters 5 - 6

The Gospel of John, Chapters 7 - 8

The Gospel of John, Chapters 9 - 10

The Gospel of John, Chapters 11 - 12

The Gospel of John, Chapters 13 - 14

The Gospel of John, Chapters 15 - 16

The Gospel of John, Chapters 17 - 18

The Gospel of John, Chapters 19 - 20

The Gospel of John, Chapter 21

The Gospel of Luke

Introduction to the Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 1 - 5

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 6 - 7

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 8 - 9

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 10 - 11

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 12 - 13

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 14 - 15

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 16 - 17

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 18 - 19

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 20 - 21



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