Articles Defining the Followers
of Jesus or Joshua of Nazareth

We all have beliefs about the purpose and meaning of the life we are given, and we all have beliefs that guide, inform, direct or constrain our behavior or how we live our lives. These articles speak to the main things regarding being a follower of Jesus or Joshua of Nazareth.

Joshua Families Articles

What are the key beliefs the followers of Joshua hold, and more importantly, how do we live our lives differently than the biblians or christians?  Why Joshua instead of Jesus?

Some important questions for biblians and christrians...

For a simple illustration of the main point of this web site please see The Christian Versus A Follower of Joshua Illustration.

Foundational Articles

Finding and Entering Life:

Self-Pride and Fear and Selfishness: Our Bondage...

Religious Fear and Pride: An Impenetrable Wall

From Death to Life! (Or Born from Above!)

The Simplicity of Following Joshua

The True Gospel of Joshua of Nazareth!

Unless You Forsake All...

Am I a Person Who Truly Loves Others?

Finding Eternal Life Amidst the Darkness

Falsehoods, Lies and Destiny

Am I Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

What is Involved with Becoming a Disciple of the Light?

The Standard for Knowing God:

Religion, Beliefs and Faith

The Standard for Knowing God

Follow the Only Good Pastor!

A Disciple's Beliefs

The Primary Teachings of The Light of the World

Essential or Unifying Teachings of The Light of the world

Meet The Light of the World!

Is the Bible Really "God's Word"?

The Stranger: The 'Apostle' Paul

Does the Old Testament Reveal God?

Does Joshua Speak from the Book of Revelation?

How to Hear from and Know God: Finding God's Will for One's Life

Family Life:

Living by love

What is "the world"?

Should We 'Go to Church'?

Disciples of Joshua and Money

Understanding the "Forsake All" Teaching

Love or Zealousness?

Who Is My Family?

A Contrast: The 'church' versus the Family

Christianity Does More Harm than Good - Leave It!

Want to Join a Family?  Reality Check

Other Important Matters:

Are You A 'Judgmental' Person?

Are You a Truly Tolerant Person?

Human Nature Observations

Do Disciples Ever Engage in Violence?

A Basic Framework for Human Sexuality

Does God Require a Blood Sacrifice In Order to Forgive?

Is God All Powerful or Almighty?

The Great Blindness: Relativism

The Trinity Trap

Will Positive Thinking Improve Your Life?

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Stories / Parables:

Perhaps the Parables of the Millennia?

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up!?

Meet the Light of the world!

Mr. Kingsman and the Mexicans

Two Men At Sea

Three Sons and Football / Soccer

The Matrix, Take One