Movement Information

We are a movement started by a special Man about 2,000 years ago - a Man named Joshua (or Jesus) of Nazareth.  Since the Creator's Messenger (Joshua) came; and since his message was successfully preserved and currently placed in the first four books of what people label the "new testament"; every generation or so his Person and Message are again found, understood and acted upon.  We are such a movement, or the beginnings of one.  It requires others to find, understand and act upon the Messenger's Message in order for this movement to be takes an understanding and execution of his "New Command".  Do you want to actually follow the real, historical Joshua (or Jesus) of Nazreth and be a part of his you want to have real and meaningful relationships with people? Do you want good friends who will work with you for the food which does not perish?  Then please get familiar with his teachings and what this web site is proclaiming and then contact us.

We are very different than those people and their organizations who calls themselves some version of "the church of jesus christ".  In other words, we are very different than the thousands of sects and divisions which make up that which is called Christianity.  Our only standard for knowing the Creator and what the Creator wants of us is His only unique Messenger and his words and teachings alone.  As such, we don't believe the bible is "the word of God" - See videos, The Wrong Standard, The Bible - nor do we use the Light as a figurehead or 'bait' to draw people into an organization of people who are not doing what he says...we leave that for Christianity, what calls itself "the church", and the thousands of divided organizations which represent it.

In contrast, we believe the Messenger (Joshua of Nazareth) is the word of God to mankind. (Ironically, the bible supports us! See John 1:1-5, 14; Luke 1:2; Rev. 19:13).  We do not believe other messengers are necessary other than the original One, nor do we believe the original Messenger or his core Message can be improved upon.  Furthermore, we believe that the core or most important aspects of his Message were successfully captured and preserved in the eye-witness accounts of his life, words and teachings in the what people call "the gospels" or the first four good news books of what people call the new testament.  Thus we don't need new 'prophets' or 'men of God' or 'apostles' or best selling authors, etc.  We have one Leader (see Matt. 23:8-12, "Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, Me.") and One Shepherd/Pastor, and he is more than sufficient.  The Way, Truth and Life told us plainly how we human beings ought to live our lives and so there is no "finding God's will for my life" with respect to how we ought to live...where we live he leaves up to us.  But the New Command and other teachings do tell us with whom we are to be living - see Matt. 10 for starters.

Therefore, we are different in how we live our lives - not for some religious sake just to be different - but motivated by the Light and his teachings about truth and love.   We do not live for - nor love - the things the people of the earth consider valuable.  Things like money, material things, power over others, careers, education, entertainment, politics, religion, self-pleasure, etc.  We are not religious and we do not 'go to church', for we are the called out ones...called out of the world and what the world values...we are Families of people caring for one another and helping each other in daily life and in making our Father and Master known.

We seek to be free of the three main things that negatively affect people - pride, fear and selfishness - for if we do this, we will be much like our Master. 

Living differently does not mean we do not work to support ourselves, but it does mean that our main work is to proclaim the Messenger and his Message, and whatever work we need to do to survive on this earth is minimized. Not living like those who don't have Joshua as their actual Leader does not mean we run off and seclude ourselves in remote places...rather, it means we don't ignore him and his teachings in our daily thoughts, conversations and behavior, nor do we live for things he says are essentially worthless.  There are many defensive stereotypes people use to place us in a box that they can label and throw away, but this does not change the facts.  I hope your curiosity is on!

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the Messenger take his appropriate place in people's lives all over the earth.  He is the solution to mankind's problems of pride, fear and selfishness.  His solution to overcome pride, fear and selfishness is faith that leads to true love (acting selflessly towards others due to compassion) and caring about what is true and right first for myself and then for others.  Our vision is to see groups of people living according the Light by making him their Leader, and thus be the collective light that mankind so desperately needs to see.

Our Mission

Our mission is to live and proclaim the Messenger as the Leader we all need, and in the process, turn people to their Father and Creator.  Our mission is to see the Light's "New Command" implemented. The other side of the coin of this work is to reveal the wrongness and emptiness of bible and Christian religion.

Our Projects

Each formation of a Family is a project. Their is so much work and so few laborers. Therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest send workers into the field, and the field is every nation on the earth. How about you?

Learn More

The best place to know what Joshua (or Jesus) of Nazareth wants is to READ HIS WORDS AND TEACHINGS YOURSELF.  To assist in that most important task, I have published a book based on the NASB translation that focuses on the Light's life and teachings.  It is entitled, "The Light of the World:  The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth".  Click here to order.  Or click here to download the book in PDF format.  I have also placed that book on this web site here.


  • "A New Command I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you. For this is how the people of the earth will know that I exist and that you are my followers, but only IF you care for (or love) one another."

    -- The Light of the World
  • Those who seek to keep their life in this world, will lose it; while those who seek to lose their life in this world for my sake, shall find Life."

    -- The Life
  • “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.

    -- The Bread of Life
  • Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and easy is the way that leads to destruction and many enter through it, but narrow is the gate and difficult is the way that leads to life, and only a few find it...I am the Way to Life.

    -- The Truth

Our Team

Father - Creator

The One who started it all; the One who cares the most; the One with the Solution; the One who is always there for you; the One who created love; the One who provides Hope for all those who receive Him;  the One we all need the most.

Joshua of Nazareth - Leader

The Creator's Messenger; the Creator's appointed Leader for Mankind; the Light of the world; the Bread of Life; the One who defeated death to prove all he said and did is true; the one who can teach you to love and guide you on how to live the life you were given.

You - ???

The one who is the object of your Father's love; the one who must choose what to do with that Person and His love; the one who must make some decisions about what your life is about and what you should be living for; the one with a soul that has needs only your Father and the Light can meet.