Christianity: A Successful Failure

       Finding Faith in an Age of Fear and Falsehood

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New Blockbuster Book!  The most thorough expose and analysis of the Christian religion perhaps ever done, but more than that, a book that presents the best worldview possible for human beings to hold.  This book targets those who believe there is more to human existence than merely atoms and molecules and energy; who can see the inadequacies of "science" as the be-all and end-all of all questions about human existence; and who see the significant problems with religion.


This book provides a compelling and insightful narrative and analysis of why Christianity is a ‘successful failure’, meaning it is successful according to one standard, and a failure according to another.  The standard that considers it a success would be normal world/societal measures like wealth/resource possession and control, and people controlled.  The standard that considers it a failure would be the One whom the Christian’s point to as their God, Jesus of Nazareth.

The book holistically, yet in simplicity and using non-complex language, puts forth the best world view possible for humanity.  It starts with common existential issues that every human being faces, and builds a framework to critique Christianity’s world view.

The author uses many creative, interesting and insightful analogies and metaphors to reveal that which is the successful failure.  The author uses reason, logic and observation to demonstrate that many of the key, primary and foundational beliefs and practices of Christianity, not only have nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth, but actually nullify and cancel out his most important teachings.

This book goes well beyond religious concepts and movements like the reformation, and seeks to bring a significant paradigm change to people’s view of God and this life we are given.

While the book spends a significant amount of time revealing Christianity’s errors and failures, it closes with a section entitled, “The Solution”, which section lays out a clear plan for change…for the solution that human kind desperately needs.

This author has somehow escaped most of the boxes that people live in and view life through, has risen above and has produced a truly unique and insightful work that has the potential to bring desperately needed change to many people.

Target Audience:

Target readership would include those disenfranchised with mainstream or orthodox religious institutions; those who are not dogmatic non-theists or agnostics; those who are searching for a purpose in their life greater than living for money or material security or pleasing one's self with entertainment, etc.; those who sense the wrongs of Christianity or their church experience, but don’t have clarity on what they are or why; those who are confused or afraid of the changing moral landscape of the western nations, particularly U.S. citizens; people who want to know God.

Author Info:

Tim Spiess has been writing on spiritual, ‘religious’ and existential matters for about thirty years.  He published the book - The Light of the World: The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth  - in 2015 that won the Silver Award from the national eLit Book Awards organization (see )

Mr. Spiess has engaged in paid work at various things over the years.  Most of that work was in the Information Technology domain either performing project management or analyst work.

Mr. Spiess currently spends his time trying to help people to listen to Jesus of Nazareth, and thus to start living according to his teachings.  He does this through his writings both in print, like the book, as well as articles and his primary web site – .  He encourages people to come, join the peaceful revolution!

Earlier in his life Mr. Spiess earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont as well as a Master’s Degree in Business from PACE University in New York.  He designed and built his own 2,400 sq.ft. house; has developed software and created web sites; has traveled extensively around North America; has traveled to Africa and supported a non-profit fishing business in Lake Victoria, Uganda; and communicates regularly with people all around the world.

Mr. Spiess is an expert on Jesus of Nazareth, religion, ethics, existential beliefs and clear thinking.  He is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can provide solutions to the most vexing human problems.

He has a lovely wife he calls his “life companion” and four children.   In his spare time he bicycles, skis, exercises and would like to wind surf if he didn’t live in MO! He lives in the country in the U.S. Midwest and enjoys the simple life it presents even while his vision and work is very much global in scope.

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Please consider paying at least $10 for this book to help me in what I am trying to accomplish.  I have been working for many years without being paid wages for this greater work.  What sets me apart from others you might consider supporting is the following:

1.  Joshua of Nazareth says, "The workers are worthy of wages" and "I am the way, the truth and the life, and nobody comes to the Father except through me"; and "Many will come in my name and deceive many".  He is referring to people doing HIS work in the first saying, NOT religious work (preaching one's or others religious philosophies and beliefs, other than teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as found in the four books of Johh, Luke, Mark and Matthew).  Furthermore, he is saying in the latter sayings that we should listen to no one else except himself regarding God things, spiritual things and human ethics.  I repeat and proclaim ONLY the real, historical Joshua of Nazareth, his teachings, and beliefs that follow from HIS teachings.  Those who proclaim teachings other than Joshua of Nazareth's teachings are NOT worthy of the wages he speaks of;

2.  My work is seeking to bring about fundamental change in how people view life and how we live our lives.  I am not suggesting band aids or some new way of doing things that are fundamentally wrong.  I am not trying to start a new Christian sect, nor am I pushing some new version of church-ianity.  I am proclaiming The Light of the world and HIS message and teachings only;

3.  I have been subject to significant persecution, just like Joshua said his followers would be.  I have had children I love taken from me; had my natural and legal family members reject and persecute me; lost jobs and work, etc.;

4.  I am willing to talk with anyone - including you - and in a civil, hopefully well reasoned way, defend what I believe and what I am doing and describe how I am living my life.  Please note I said "talk", not email or chat, but talk on the phone. You are also welcomed to come and visit to talk face to face to verify my claims.

Please note, you can still download the book below without paying anything.

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Audio Version/Files & Single PDF Chapters:

Audio Files: Single PDF Chapter Files:
Preface and Introduction Preface    Introduction
Section 1:  My Existence, The State of Things and Fundamental Problems
Chapter 1:  A Reasonable Basis for Religious and Spiritual Beliefs Chapter 1
Chapter 2:  The State of Humankind Chapter 2
Chapter 3:  Understanding Human Nature Chapter 3
Chapter 4:  The Root Problems and Four Different Types of People Chapter 4
Chapter 5:  An Allusion to the Solution Chapter 5
Section 2:  Reason Identifies Truth and Leads to the Solution
Chapter 6:  Reason, Logic and Truth Chapter 6
Chapter 7:  Common Logical Fallacies Chapter 7
Chapter 8:  Finding Truth Chapter 8
Chapter 9:  First Causes Chapter 9
Section 3: False Beliefs, Inadequate Views and Means to Deceive
Chapter 10:  The Great Blindness: Truth Relativism Chapter 10
Chapter 11:  'Don't Be Judgmental' As I Judge You! Chapter 11
Chapter 12:  I Will Be Tolerant of Birds I Flock with But NOT of YOU! Chapter 12
Chapter 13:  'We Must Respect Other People's Beliefs', At Least of Those We Agree With! Chapter 13
Chapter 14:  Truth Relativism is False and Destructive Chapter 14
Chapter 15:  Redefining Language Chapter 15
Chapter 16:  Hiding in Complexity Chapter 16
Chapter 17:  Positive Thinking, Negative Outcomes Chapter 17
Chapter 18:  Other World Religions Chapter 18
Section 4: Christianity: A Successful Failure
Chapter 19:  Differences Between Belief, Religion, Faith and God Chapter 19
Chapter 20:  The Threat of Hell and Other Fear Tactics Chapter 20
Chapter 21:  Primary Falsehoods of Christianity Chapter 21
Chapter 22:  If You Can't Destroy It, Hide It Chapter 22
Chapter 23:  The Prop of the Darkness Chapter 23
Chapter 24:  Some Questions for Biblians and Christians Chapter 24
Chapter 25:  Which 'Gospel'? Chapter 25
Chapter 26:  What Is So Bad About Going to Church? Chapter 26
Chapter 27:  How Do We Fix Sin? Chapter 27
Chapter 28:  Religious Leaders Use Complexity Chapter 28
Chapter 29:  Religious Relativism or 'Jesus didn't really mean that...' Chapter 29
Chapter 30:  Why Is It So Difficult to Find God's Will? Chapter 30
Chapter 31:  Looking to People and Personal Experience Instead of to God Chapter 31
Chapter 32:  The Holy Spirit or a Silly Spirit? Chapter 32
Chapter 33:  God's Will Found - How to Live our Lives Chapter 33
Chapter 34:  The Comforting Christian Delusions Chapter 34
Chapter 35: The Easy Life Versus "Difficult is the Way that Leads to Life" Chapter 35
Section 5:  The Solution
Chapter 36:  How Important is Freedom? Chapter 36
Chapter 37:  We Need Leadership Chapter 37
Chapter 38:  Change and Hard Work Chapter 38
Chapter 39:  "I Have Chosen You Out of the World" Chapter 39
Chapter 40:  'I Don't Live for Money...'  Really? Chapter 40
Chapter 41:  'I Love Ice Cream, I Love You'? Chapter 41
Chapter 42:  How to Accomplish Unity Chapter 42
Chapter 43:  Some Final Thoughts Chapter 43
Chapter 44:  Our Chosen Destiny Chapter 44
Section 6: Objections to the Solution
Chapter 45:  Objections Addressed Chapter 45


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March 10, 2019

Section 2 of the book is entitled, "Reason Identifies Truth and Leads to the Solution".

In this section, I lay out some essentials for a person being able to use reason well to find truth and come to sound conclusions.  I have found that no matter how compelling youmy facts are or no matter how excellend and flawless my arguments can be, if a person does not either know how to use reason well, or simply does not care; I will not make any headway.  I can't do anything with the latter type person, but the former type person is someone who I can have a good discussion with.

I dedicate an entire chapter to a basic lession is reason, logic and truth.  Sadly, most people in the U.S. have never been taught how to reason well.  It is huge and extremely negative omission from high school curriculum.  Being able to undertand what a fallacy is and avoid using them to put forth or defend a belief or position is the first step in being a better human being.

It is amazing, astounding and horrible frightening how many people in positions of authority (government officians and politicians) or being the supposed gate keepers of 'truth' (the mass media) REGULARLY commit logical fallicies in stating their opinion, policy or case.  It is even more frightening that many of the people who speak in the mass media simply cannot reason at all, but rather make emotive statements 'backed up' by non-sequitor statements!

The U.S. is in the process of failing or degnerating.  It is absolutely essential that a person know how to reason well in order know what is true and what is false.  This is even more important when it comes to where we go when our bodies die.  Most religious claims and only be determined to be true or false by using deductive reasoning well.


February 10, 2019

There are many people who either were never raised by religious parents, or who left the religion they participated in, but who still believe God exists.  Then there are the agnostics who will listen to why someone beleives God exists.  There are a few atheists who don't believe God exists but will listen to a person explain why they believe God exists.  This book is targeted to those groups of people.  So, my book does not start out critiquing Christianity, rather, it starts by asking fundamental questions about our human life.  If people would just ask and seek answers to these basic questions, some would go where truth leads them.

The first section of the book is entitled, "My Existence, the State of Things, and Fundamental Problems".  In this first section, I seek to find common ground that all reasonable people can agree on, starting with where reason will lead a person who asks, "what caused my existence?".  The fact that about 94% of the world population - or about 7.2 billion people - believe a creator exists or have beliefs that more than the naturalistic evolutionary view is required to account for my human experience, shows that the inductive mind we have been given points in that direction.

After I make the case that the most reasonable view is that a creator must exist to account for our existence, I list some significant facts about this world we live in.  You must be irrational to argue or believe that human beings are basically good.  Whether that judgment is based on the dispartiy between human potential and the actual state of things; or the amount of human pain and suffering and injustice that occurs in the world each day; or even just picking some ethical standard and seeing how people cannot consistently keep the standard; the FACTS don't change.

I then delve into trying to understand human nature and make some interesting observations about our nature.

I then identify the root problems behind the vast majority of human unhappiness, pain, suffering and injustice.


January 13, 2019

This book took a fairly long time to write.  If you are familiar with this web site, much of the content will seem familiar.  However, there is quite abit of new content in the book. I'd say the book contains at least 60 percent new and fresh content.  Furhermore, much time and energy and thought was spent putting the flow of the concepts of the book in proper order.  The book is laid out with the purpose of helping the reader understand basic things before moving onto more difficult concepts or issues.

This book seeks to bring a paradigm shift or change in people's view of God and our lives as human beings.  Ironically, the information for this change has been hiding in plain sight for many centuries.  My purpose is to clean the religious dirt off of the most important person in history.

In the following blog entries, I will provide insight as to the purpose of the book sections.