A Disciple's Beliefs

"If you continue in MY words/teachings/truths, then you are my disciple..."

(John 8:31)

The Beliefs and Behavior of a Disciple of Joshua of Nazareth

Before Faith:

I confess that before I put my faith in them, I ignored my Father and His Son and thus did not care about what they wanted; I confess I have hurt people due to my self-pride, fear and selfishness – I have done some or all of the following to other people:

  • I have ignored them when I should not have;
  • I have neglected them when I should not have;
  • I have hurt them either physically or emotionally when I should not have;
  • I have deceived and lied to them when I should not have;
  • I have taken from them without being grateful;
  • I have wrongfully harmed them;
  • I have abused them;
  • I have judged others wrongly and hypocritically.

I have wrongly justified my wrong words, attitude and actions generated from self-pride, fear and selfishness.

I have done these things because I ignored my Father’s sent Leader and was lost and did not know what truth is or rightness is nor what love is.

My Transition from No-faith to Faith:

I understood the darkness of self-pride, fear and selfishness and the harm it caused others and I saw how ignoring my Father and His Son was the primary cause of my harming others, and I saw my need to be forgiven from the Creator of my soul. I saw my need to be re-born from a life of living primarily for myself or only for those who loved me back or from whom I receive what I wanted. Through true remorse for these things, I was born from above – my spirit being made alive by my Father’s Spirit, into a new Life now guided by Joshua and love for others.

After Faith: A New Standard for Understanding My Life

As an adult, I have put my faith in God, my Father – the Creator and Designer of life on earth – and His Son, Messenger and appointed Leader, Joshua of Nazareth; Joshua of Nazareth is my Master, Leader, Teacher and I listen to no other voices regarding who my Creator/Father is, what my Father is like, and what my Father wants of me and others; I have no other standard to know my Father and the One whom He sent other than the words, teachings and truths of Joshua of Nazareth as they have been captured and preserved in the four ‘gospel’ books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Only Joshua of Nazareth knows God perfectly and only Joshua of Nazareth represented God accurately with his life and teachings.

Joshua proved to be a worthy standard by performing miracles to validate he is from the Creator and because he is the only person in human history to - in an authentic and genuine way - defeat death to prove that all he said and did is true.

Avoiding The Wrong Standard

I do not make the great error of substituting the bible for Joshua of Nazareth. I understand that the bible is just a book with many people’s beliefs about God. There are many good moral truths about human behavior in the bible; there are inspiring accounts of people’s lives in the bible and their faith in God as best they knew God at the time those accounts were written; there are some correct beliefs about God (apart from Joshua’s teachings) in the bible; but there are also many wrong beliefs about God in the bible as well as many examples of immoral, violent and bizzare behavior being wrongly attributed to - or approved by - God in the bible.

I do not confuse my Master’s core teachings represented by his own words/truths accurately captured and recorded in the four books people call ‘the gospels’ with all the other authors whose writings were also placed in the book called “the bible”. While the account of Joshua’s life and teachings were placed in a book people call “the bible”, HIS words are NOT “the bible”...instead, his teachings of pure truth are merely contained in the book people call the bible.

Furthermore, what matters is the subject of the writings, NOT the writers or the words on a page!

In this case, Joshua of Nazareth is the subject of the four gospel books and his life and words and deeds are what matters, NOT the views of those who captured his life and words and deeds. For example, it is not the author Mark and his opinions about God that matter in the book that he authored. Rather it is the words and deeds of the subject of his book that he successfully recorded - Joshua of Nazareth, the Light of the world - that matter.

I understand that people use Paul’s beliefs about the scripture/bible to nullify, hide and destroy the voice of my Master, the Light of the world. The bible – the Hebrew and Christian scripture - was not authored by God’s Spirit like Paul teaches.  See Conversations and The Stranger and The Wrong Standard.

My New Life:

I now live by truth and reason instead of by my emotions and I seek to be totally free from self-pride, fear and selfishness as I understand those things prevent learning, light and love in my life.

If I say “I love Jesus”, but I don’t diligently get to know him by his own words in the four ‘gospel’ books, then I am wrong and self-deceived.

I now live by love meaning I genuinely care about other people, I endeavor to have compassion on all people, and I seek to act selflessly towards all other people.

I have come to see that my life in this world is worth nothing compared to being fully with the One’s whom I love, who opened my ‘eyes’ and showed me the Way out of the darkness. Thus, I no longer value what the people of the world (those who don’t have Joshua of Nazareth as their Master and Teacher) value. I no longer consider money or material things or power over others or fame or glory or education or ‘success’ as the world defines that, as important. I no longer pursue those things…I now simply seek to be a child of my Father and a servant of my Master and to bring his Hope and Life and Love to others.

I see that the primary thing my Father and my Master want is for love to be expressed among human beings. I understand that if the followers of Joshua cannot love each other, then there is no hope nor witness of him. I understand that love includes being together and sharing his Life together – that I cannot say “I love my brother or sister” and still live apart from them. Love will manifest sharing, so if I do not share what I have with others – especially my daily life - then I do not love them.

Accountability and My Choice of Destinies:

I understand that eternal life that Joshua speaks of is attained by knowing my Father and my Master and thus living by the truth of Joshua. If I don’t care about what is true or right regarding God/spiritual things or human relationships - and if I don’t try to love others - then I do not possess eternal life.

There is only one sure way to attain to eternal life, and that way is by listening to and following the One who says, “I am the way, the truth and the life”. Listening to other voices who say they represent God is a really ‘good way’ to be misled and deceived and to lose my way Home.

I understand Joshua to teach that we set our own after-death destiny by the things we choose to believe and by the actions we choose to take in this life. God does not send people to hell, rather we send ourselves to destruction OR we send ourselves to Life Everlasting. If we hear Joshua’s truths and choose to reject Joshua or we choose to not care about what is true or right nor of loving others, then we choose judgment and our Judge will judge us against a standard of perfection.

If we reject God’s love and thus refuse to love other human beings, then we choose to have our Judge apply perfect justice to our life, meaning he will take into account all the wrong we did in order to set a just punishment…'two video’s will played' so to speak – one with our outward words and actions, and one with our internal motivations and thoughts driving the words and actions. The concept of "hell" where God sends people to suffer forever is false - utterly false.  God did not set up, nor support nor enable eternal punishment, for this is unjust. Those who refuse to live a life characterized by love will receive what they deserve after the Judge reviews the ‘two videos’ - and after they experience their just consequences, their soul will be destroyed in hell...they will cease to exist.  Any good they had done in their life or experienced...every relationship including those most important to them - with even just a few minutes of goodness and caring in a lifetime - will be lost into the void of nothingness.

Those who placed their faith in Joshua of Nazareth, and thus lived a life of rightness and love as HE defines that, will realize when their bodies die, the fullness of the eternal life they began to possess while still in their bodies. They will not be judged for punishment for their wrong-doings.  Their faults and weaknesses and the subsequent wrong-doings that they sincerely asked forgiveness for were forgiven when they asked.  The degree to which we overcome our nature of self-pride and fear and selfishness, will determine the degree to which we can experience the beauty and love and magnificence of our Father. See The Closer the Better.

Those who are ignorant of Joshua or his teachings – if they live a life of consistently practicing compassion and mercy towards their fellow human beings and other of the Creator’s creatures – will also preserve their souls after death, but their after death experience will not be as deep or rich or beautiful as those who loved the Son and the Father he revealed.

Please, enter into his Life and come, join the peaceful revolution!

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