Finding Eternal Life Amidst the Darkness

Joshua teaches that our choices around faith, beliefs and behavior are what will determine where we end up after our body dies.  We determine our after-physical-death destiny by our choices regarding these three things.

1.  Whether we choose to trust – which is to place our faith in - God.  An act of our heart or will illuminated by our soul.

Faith is required to enter into Life, and faith is simply a deep, whole person, core level trust in someone or something.  It is best to place one’s faith in the Creator Father revealed by the only person in history to defeat death to prove that all he said about God was true.  In other words, we can place our faith in the right thing (the Father revealed by Joshua) or the wrong thing(s) (ourselves; money; a god of our own making or the making of religious leaders; etc.).  Faith is what causes us to be properly motivated to execute the third point below.  If we place our faith in a god that we are confused about or wrong about, or worse a god of our own making - that will likely lead to wrong behavior and that will hinder us or prevent us from attaining the Life the Life offers.

2.  What we choose to believe about God (not whether he exists or not).   An intellectual act of the mind.

A person only has two choices regarding the things they believe about God.  One is to believe Joshua of Nazareth, and thus believe right things about the Creator.  Two, is to believe one or more of the many other voices – both dead from books, living people, or self – who claim to know God, what God is like and what God wants.  Those who choose the former – those who listen only to Joshua of Nazareth to understand God – will have the best opportunity to truly know the Living Creator God.  Please listen to the Light regarding the importance of truly knowing the true and living God…

…”and this is eternal life, that you might know God and the one whom He sent”…

Furthermore, to know God is to love Him and to love Him includes doing what He wants.  Those who choose to listen to people other than Joshua of Nazareth (or in addition to Joshua of Nazareth), will at best be confused about God, and at worst, will be badly wrong about God. The people who make up the world’s religions make this critical mistake – Muslim, Jew, Hindi, Christian, Buddhist, etc.  To have wrong beliefs about God, His Person and His desire for human beings, will prevent us or hinder us from attaining the Life the Life offers.

3.  Whether we choose to DO what God says we ought to do, the primary of which is to love other people.  We need to change into better human beings…real, measurable progress enabled by faith and guided by the Truth who is Joshua of Nazareth.

Finally, we should do what the true and living God says.  Why?  Because He created human beings and knows his intent for those created beings…He had a purpose for creating us, and His Messenger provided that purpose.  His Son, the Messenger, Joshua of Nazareth,  says that a primary way to manifest our love for our Father is to do what He says.  Is that not true of parental human relationships?  In other words, if our child loves us, won’t they want to please us by doing what we ask?  And what God wants us to do is not difficult at all…

The true and living God’s top priority is that human beings love and care for one another.  Yes, it is that simple : )

But no, "love" is not primarily an emotion, nor is it refraining from harming or hating others, nor is it selfish...rather, love brings people together to care for one another in the life we have been given...and NO, "together" does not mean you in YOUR house on YOUR property, etc.  Rather, love means we will be together in a measure proportional to our love for the other person.  See What is Love and Am I a Loving Person?

Furthermore, our choice in making God’s appointed Leader our Leader will lead us into unity, harmony, peace with other followers and cause a desire to help others through the things that we do.  If we don’t do that, then we fail at the primary purpose of the life we were given, and again, this will prevent us from attaining the Life the Life offers.

In summary, it does matter what we believe about God and our existence.  But what matters equally as much is whether we actually place our faith in the correct God, and how we choose to live our lives each day.  In other words and for example, there are hundreds millions of people who say something to the effect of, ‘oh yes, I am a christian and I believe in the lord jesus christ’, but then the next moment they will justify killing their enemies; or they will seldom or never speak his important truths to others; or they will not significantly share any of their material things with non-natural-family members; or they will deceive others to gain money; or they will very seldom treat others the way they want to be treated; or a many other things which contradict the Light’s teachings!  So, their stated beliefs will not help them…will not bring them into everlasting Life, but will likely only serve to bring greater condemnation upon themselves.  The more we know, the more accountable we will be for acting upon what we know.

Many will respond to these truths by saying, ‘well, you are right back to fear as the primary motivating for listening to God, because you are saying that if we don’t listen to God, then we condemn ourselves to destruction’.  That is a false or incorrect statement.  God did not create fear nor does He use it to motivate or manipulate free-will human beings.  Rather, people are trapped IN THEIR OWN FEAR, and this in spite of the true Creator’s love and His reaching out to us in love.  Self-condemnation is a consequence of our choices to enter into, and then remain in, the state of self-pride and fear and selfishness, and NO ONE has to choose to remain in that state of being.  Joshua came and offers anyone who will listen to HIM the key to open our self-made jail cell and thus be truly free.  Again, we condemn ourselves to destruction, God does not.

Humans are not neutral beings, meaning we are predisposed to a state of self-pride and fear and selfishness due to our nature.  Our choice is simple to understand but difficult to make.  Remain bound or guided by our nature of self-pride and fear and selfishness, or reach out past ourselves to the One who can set us free…the One who can lift us out of our self-made pit.

When things are wrong in my life, the correct question is not, ‘how come God…’, but rather, ‘why don’t I want to practice love as God defines that and asks of me’?

Why is it wrong for the Creator to have set it up that free-will beings would need to choose love (as HE defines that) in order to be rewarded with the Greater Life?  Why would that be unjust?

God gave us our soul and gave us a free will to choose what to do with the life he gave us on this earth.  You fault Him for giving you life?  You would prefer to never have existed?  What about, ‘it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all’?  Do you believe that is a true saying?  What it is saying is that love is perhaps the most important aspect of human existence and to not experience or practice love is to miss out on the most important aspect of human existence…to miss the purpose of why we were created to begin with.  And that ‘missing’ was not God’s fault, but ours.

Is that not also true about existence?  In other words, it is better to have existed and been given the chance and opportunity to better ones self and preserve one’s existence (through faith and love) than to have never existed at all.  We don’t have to choose to condemn and destroy ourselves by a life lived in bondage to self-pride, fear and selfishness and all the wrong behavior those things bring…there is a Way out of that darkness.

Please, enter into his Life and come, join the Peaceful Revolution!

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