Am I Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution to People's Problems?

These statements are true of you and me…

We are either part of the problem or part of the solution.  We are either actively brining and being the Solution, or we are not, and thus we are part of the problem.

We must be free ourselves before we can effectively help others find freedom.

We need to see clearly first before we can help other's see clearly.

Truth, sound reason and logic will lead me to the One who can help me.

Without practicing and experiencing true love with others, we are missing the primary purpose of the life we were given.

We are either part of the problem of human conflict, or we are part of the solution by being peacemakers bringing the Leader, the Prince of Peace, people need.  Not the ‘jesus’ of Christianity, but the real, actual, historical Person that is the Light of the world who can only be properly known by his own words as captured and preserved in the four ‘gospel’ books.  See The Bible Versus Jesus

We either care about what is true and right regarding human life and relationships, or we don’t.  That is, we either lend our voice in the fight for what is true and right, or we don’t and sit silently in our selfish bubble and watch as people by the billions live a largely loveless and/or wasted existence and destroy themselves and one another.

What kind of person are you?  Are YOU part of the problem or part of the solution?  Do YOU know the Leader and are YOU bringing that leader to others?  Or are you merely part of the religious problem, bringing christianity's meaningless 'christ' to people?  See Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up!

If you are confused about that, then let me state the question in a different way.  Are YOU listening to the Light of the world and both practicing and proclaiming HIS truths, or not?  It is a simple question that deserves a simple and true answer.  And NO, HIS words and truths are NOT the bible!  His words and truths have been placed in the bible, but HIS words and truth are not Moses or Paul's or anyone else's!  See Why Joshua's Words Only.

Please don’t deceive yourself if you are a Christian, thinking that because you are a Christian, you are part of the solution.  Sadly, Christians are not only part of the problem, but their religion nullifies and/or hides the True Solution and makes it difficult for people to find him.  To sit in your buildings you call ‘the church’ and to sing songs about God-stuff and do your little rituals, is offensive to the One you call your God…and since you claim you can see, your self-condemnation will remain.  And no, quoting Paul or David or Moses or the other bible authors is NOT proclaiming the Light's words!  Rather, it is spreading the greatest lie of the past several hundred years...that 'the bible' is the word of God to mankind instead of the Truth that Joshua of Nazareth is the Word of God to mankind!

Are you one of those who are aware in your soul how your own life has not been going well and who, due to Joshua’s teachings, now see how far short you fall of God’s intention for a human being?  Are you one of the many deceived people who have believe the lie that the bible is the word of God?  Are you a person who has substituted empty, shallow religion for a life of truly caring about what is true and right?  Do you see you are not practicing love as Joshua defines love?  I hope this describes you, dear reader.  If this is you, do what Joshua says.  Deeply regret your own failed leadership of your life – or choosing the wrong people to trust or to lead you - and how you have hurt other people with your pride, fear or selfishness and the sin that flows from those things.  Deeply regret how you have ignored your heavenly Father and His love for you, and how you have not made any significant effort to love Him back or the many people around you.  Turn away from the empty, dead, powerless substitute that is Christianity.  And then, fall before the King asking for forgiveness, and he will lift you up, and he will say with compassion, “I forgive you”, and, “come, follow me” : )

Please, enter into his Life and come, join the Peaceful Revolution!

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