Joshua or Jesus of Nazareth Quiz Answers

1. Question: What was Joshua’s favorite title or description for himself...what term or phrase did he use the most to describe himself?

Answer:  The Son of Man (A title conveying he is the Creator's model for mankind..the original "mold" so to speak).


2. Question:  Did Joshua teach that “the church” could be a building, organization, leadership or ministries?

Answer:  No. In contrast, he said the church (ecclesia in Greek) is his called out people. See John 15, 17 to know called out of what.


3. Question:  What did Joshua teach would normally happen between the person who decided to follow him and their family?

Answer:  There would be division, a parting of ways.  Not by abandonment by the disciple, but rather those who don't want to follow Joshua will convey in some manner they no longer want to be around the one who does (his follower disciple).  See Matt. 10.


4. Question:  Name and explain two things that Joshua taught are required in order to be his follower?

Answer A.  Forsake all (Luke 14:33): A person needs to turn away from - not live for - all the world considers valuable, especially money and material things.

Answer B:  As an adult, be born from above (John 3:3, 5), or stated another way, pass from death to Life (John 5:24).  A person must love (value) Joshua's Father more than anyone else in this life (Matt. 22:37), and thus listen to only Joshua for how to live one's life (John 8:31-32).


5. Question:  Did Joshua ever teach the concept of “grace” in relation to salvation?

Answer:  No. The concept of grace associated with salvation is totally foreign to Joshua and his message.


6. Question:  What does the bible teach the “word of God” is?

Answer:  Joshua of Nazareth, NOT THE BIBLE! See John 1, Luke 1, Rev. 19:13


7. Question:  What did Joshua say the new command was? What is required to live it out?

Answer A:  For his followers to love one another as he loved us.

Answer B:  Being together and sharing his Life together...acting like actual brothers and sisters with the same dad and thus sharing what he gives us and his work.  In other words, living together - being a part of - a Family/community of people caring for each other in daily life.


8. Question:  Did Joshua teach he was a sacrifice that God required in order to forgive people’s sins?

Answer:  No, never. A totally foreign concept to Joshua. He did provide what his death would do...why don't you find it!


9. Question:  Did Joshua teach that God sends people to hell to be eternally tormented?

Answer:  No, he does not.  In contrast, he teaches that his Father LOVES people, and someone who loves other would NEVER want to torture them, let alone torture them forever!! : (


10. Question:  How many spiritual teachers could a follower of Joshua have?

Answer:  Only 1.  See Matt. 23:8-12


11.  How many spiritual pastors/shepherds/leaders/guides could a follower of Joshua have?

Answer:  Only 1.  Learn what "Pastor" means. See John 10:11-16


12. Question:  Did Joshua teach that God is angry with people? If you believe He is, what makes Him angry?

Answer:  No, but Joshua got angry with religious leaders misrepresenting his Father.


13. Question:  Joshua taught that following him would be difficult and that it would be difficult to enter the kingdom of God…what is difficult about following him for YOU personally?

Answer(s):  Being rejected by people - including those you love - for speaking Joshua's truths and repeating his teachings...finding yourself all alone at some point and for some duration due to your faith in Joshua...experiencing animosity and hatred when speaking HIS truths...being persecuted for your faith in him.


14. Question:  Did Joshua teach you should tithe or give money to an organization that claims to represent him?

Answer:  No, never.


15. Question:  What did Joshua teach “the world” was and what is your position in the world?

Answer:  The people on the earth who reject him as their Leader...reject him as their actual daily life leader.  Rejecting him includes using his name as some unknown figurehead their religious organization claims or the "leader" of their religion.  See John 15 - 17.


16. Question:  What did Joshua teach is the primary purpose of the Holy Spirit regarding the world?

Answer:  Convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment. See John 16.


17. Question:  If Joshua taught, “love your enemies”, could I obey that teaching and at the same time shoot, bomb or otherwise kill or harm people who are not harming others but rather are called 'the enemy' by the government of the nation I live in?

Answer:  No. Joshua's followers do not obey governments who tell them to kill or harm people who they call 'the enemy' who are not harming others and in reality are not any worse then they are.


18. Question:  What does Joshua teach is the primary characteristic of love?

Answer:  To value others to the point of helping them via selfless behavior motivated by compassion.


19. Question:  If I love Joshua and Joshua’s Father with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, name the first primary change in my life due to that love?

Answer A:  I will talk about my first loves - about my Father, and my Master and what they can do for others.


20. Question:  In what way does Joshua teach that God wants people to worship Him?

Answer:  In spirit and in truth - in spirit means at our deepest level, and in truth means not false things about God. Not with intellect or with false god stuff or beliefs. And, not necessarily in song, for MANY sing songs ABOUT God who do not worship Him.


21. Question:  Does Joshua teach that “God is in control”?

Answer:  No, he does not.  Joshua teaches that YOU control your life and you have two choices for how you are going to live your life...either listen to him through Joshua ONLY, or not.  God is in control of His realm, which realm is not of this world.


22. Question:  What is Joshua’s clearest statement regarding what “eternal life” is comprised of?

Answer:  To know his Father and to know himself IS eternal life!  See John 17.


23.  Question:  What does it mean to "know God"?

Answer:  It means to know the Person of God - what He is like and what He wants.  To accomplish this, you need to read Joshua's words and deeds in the four gospel books with FAITH and believe what Joshua says.  In this way, you will get to know God.  If you listen voices other than Joshua's you will likely have significant misunderstandings about God.


24. Question:  What does Joshua teach about smart and intelligent people and how his Father handles them?

Answer:  The Father hides things from those whose hearts are proud and would use Him or his truths for their own gains in this world...from those who think human intelligence and 'smartness' will provide the answers to people's basic problems instead of faith and love solving those problems.


25. Question:  What are two vocations or jobs or 'professions' that Joshua singles out for rebuke?

Answer:  Religious leaders and lawyers both of which work to destroy the means to find important truth...they seek to replace simplicity (which reveals truth) with complexity (which hides truth).


26. Question:  What two things does Joshua say are required to see and enter the kingdom of God?

Answer A:  You must become as a child, meaning innocent, pure in heart, and trusting, truly open, willing to see our need.

Answer B:  You must be born from above or born again - see Human Nature Observations and From Death to Life!


27. Question:  What does Joshua teach about materially wealthy people?

Answer:  That if they don't share their wealth with others, OTHER THAN blood, natural or legal relatives - or give it away - they will not enter into Life nor will they inherit Eternal Life.


28. Question:  What does Joshua mean when he says blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness?

Answer:  His Father favors those who care about what is true and right and who try to do something about things that are false or wrong.


29. Question:  What was the main warning Joshua gave regarding what his followers would have to be careful to avoid in the years after he left?

Answer:  To not be misled or deceived by people claiming to represent him but who do not, just like the religious leaders of his day misrepresented his Father.  Yes, that includes religious leaders, Christian bible teachers, pastors, ministers, etc.


30. Question:  Did Joshua teach that he would appear to people in some ‘spiritual manner’ after his ascension back to the Father?

Answer:  No. Joshua indicated that once he left, the only way he would come back was in a visible and dramatic fashion that many people would plainly see.  See Luke 17:24


31. Question:  Did Joshua teach that his followers ought to look to the Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament) in order to learn about or get to know his Father?

Answer:  No! In contrast, he said, "look to me!"


32. Did Joshua teach that he was his Father...that they were the same Being?

Answer:  No, obviously not. You don't regularly talk to your "Father" as he did, and also say you are him!


33. Did Joshua teach it was right and acceptable to God to pray in front of other people?

Answer:  No, he did not.  In fact he taught that his followers ought to pray in secret or private places where no one can see us pray.


34. Did Joshua teach that his Father was "all powerful"?

Answer: No, he did not...that is an invention of religious people who refuse to place their faith in a less than all powerful being, even when Joshua does not teach his Father is "all powerful", and reason informs us that God cannot be both all powerful and all loving.


35. Did Joshua teach that miracles would continue after he left the earth to go back to his Father?

Answer:  No, in fact he taught just the opposite.  He taught than after he left the earth, miracles would no longer be possible. John 9


36. Did Joshua teach that his followers would live like all the other people of the earth and thus be indistinguishable from, for example, agnostics, atheists, Muslims, Buddhists or Jews?

Answer:  No, in fact he taught just the opposite AND that difference is not about having 'less outward sins' or different religious rituals, but rather that love would be the difference.


37. Did Joshua teach that dunking someone under water would cause that person to enter into eternal life?

Answer: No, he taught clearly that faith and faithfulness is what brings a person into eternal life and keeps them there.


38. What is the "new command"?

Answer:  "A new command I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you; for this is how the world will know that you are my disciples IF you love one another."


39.  If Joshua says, "Go, make disciples...teaching them all that I have taught you", how exactly are YOU doing that and what is the priority in your life for that?  Answer the latter question with how many hours per week are you doing that.

Answer:  Hopefully, dear reader, you will answer those questions being honest with yourself and then take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation.